SOLD 58m SP old school Amarr Carrier/Dread/Combat pilot

I’m selling my 58m SP old school self
Solid name included, Born 3-3-2006
Amarr Carrier/Dread/Combat focused
3 attribute remaps; currently Per-26, Will-20, Int-20, Chr-17, Mem-16

Was going to start at 44b
Buy out at 50b

50bil buyout :kissing_heart:

its yours. I’m yours . just transfer the isk
I’ll close the sale and transfer the character (myself)

Isk and info sent


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I’ll miss her.

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Confirmed she is in transfer process, thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for making it pain-free. I get separation anxiety letting an 18 year old character go.
Many fond memories LOL.
Have fun.

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