SOLD Subcap, DST and tengu 30m SP

Hi, selling myself.
29,978,000 SP
free 206000

This pilot was used to do some missions and move ships from null to High sec. is a combat char with DST used for moving the assets i had around new eden. Was training in ship to be JF or Dreadnought.

  • Advanced Spaceship V
  • Tengu with strong missiles
  • interceptor
  • Assault frigates
  • Caldari Frigate V
  • Barge IV
  • Occator, gallente DST
  • Amarr Destroyer V / Confessor
  • Amarr Frigate V
  • Cybernetic V

Is a Strong Shields for Tengu or a Shield Capital. I am selling because in two days expire and finish Missile Projection V and i already have MCT training in other account for the recent offer.

Can be used for abyssals too with retribution or hawk.

is in high sec Metropolis area, can move to jita, no killing rights , no jump clone, two +5 implants . Positive Wallet, can deliver instatly, i pay the transfer, no killing righrs.

I am in work, if interested answer here

20 B offer

22B Offer


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Hi Conrad, how about 24B?

24b is ok, I am online. I just agree to be sold at 24 with him

Agreed, transferring ISK and sending account details now

Transfer done, aprox 15 minutes to missile projection V.

Please answer when receive the pilot.

Char received