*SOLD* 7.1m SP Exhumers V Pilot

I am for sale!

Exhumers V!
Mining V!
Astrogeology V!
Ice Harvesting V!

7.1m SP
Located in station in Amarr
Positive wallet balance
Neutral Standings, no Kill Rights
3 Remaps available
Sansha Industrial Livery skins for Covetor, Procurer and Venture

Looking for 6 bil.



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5 bil accepted if still available

Accepted, sent an in game mail.

i found another char who had responded before you sorry for the delayed response

Take 4.5B?

5b isks ready

5.5b bo ready

5.5 accepted, sending in-game message.

Buyer has not responded. Bids reopened.

Asking price increased to 6 bil due to Ice Harvesting V.

Ill be paying the 6b buyout, contact me in game.

Isk and info sent waiting on transfer

Transfer initiated, thank you.

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