[SOLD] 95M SP Pilot - Leviathan/Apostle

BadTouch Bear

Leviathan/Apostle Pilot

Positive wallet
Located in Jita
109 skins (3 Levi, 5 Apostle)
Remap now
No kill rights
Positive security status
NPC corporation
Standings for Guristas burner missions

Leviathan Jump Clone: High-grade Nirvana implant set, SM-706, EM-806, EN-906, RL-1006
Apostle Jump Clone: Basic/Standard implants, EO-603, RA-703, EM-803, HG-1003

Buyout: 70b

DaStampede 51B

Thank you for the offer, but it is too low.

58b offer

Deal. Please send account info and payment.

ok pls wait

pls read mail .ty

Check mail

isk send pps transfer char and give me titan contract

Check contract

Character transfer initiated. Thank you.

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