WTS 38M SP Leviathan/Titan Pilot

(Cellular Citizen) #1


Basic Leviathan Pilot, could quite easily be crosstrained into a Ragnarok Pilot too.

  • 1 Remap Available
  • Caldari Titan IV
  • T2 XL Cruise
  • Doomsday Operation IV
  • 3.4M SP in Gunnery if you wanted to crosstrain.

Also comes with the lovely Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN for the Leviathan

Located in Jita
Positive wallet balance
No killrights.

Post your offers below.

Current offer: 31B

B/O: 35B

(sabastyian) #2

20b offer

(Captainamazing) #3

21b offer

(Gattanera) #4

24 bil

(Dunder Mifflin This-is-Pam) #5

25b offer

(Norwal Gorac) #6

26 bil

(Gattanera) #7

27 bil

(Dunder Mifflin This-is-Pam) #8


(Ban All Weebs) #9


(Cellular Citizen) #10

Bump, updated with buyout.

(Ban All Weebs) #11


Waiting to be able to biomass a character to open up a slot, will send ISK + account info once that’s done and offer is confirmed. May be a few hours after that as biomass timer expires at 4AM for me.

(Dunder Mifflin This-is-Pam) #12

36b b/o

(Ban All Weebs) #13

37b b/o

(Cellular Citizen) #14

Offer accepted. Please send isk and acc imfo when ready :slight_smile:

(Ban All Weebs) #15

ISK and account info sent. Thanks!

(Cellular Citizen) #16

Isk Recieved and Transfer started. Thank you.

(system) #17

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