SOLD : bulk moongoo Caesium / Cobalt / Platinum / Vanadium

i’m willing to sell in bulk the folowing

|Caesium| 584.000
|Cobalt| 651.000
|Platinum| 597.900
|Vanadium| 553.400

New evepraisal :
decent offer or a BO of 22bil

Never mind

bump all located in safe high sec space

I’ll give you 8b for the platinum

i’m still looking for a total buyout for the lot

BO 21 bil

18.5b since i have no idea where it is

would go for 19.5b if somewhere close to jita

its in amarr , hisec

i’m willing to lower to 20B BO

log in i contact you with my main then you can make the contract


to late its mine :stuck_out_tongue:

yhe SOLD for 20B can close the topic

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