WTS Bulk Moon Goo

I have a bunch of moon goo I would like to sell in bulk :

Caesarium Cadmide: 629,315 units @ 21.5k ea TOTAL: 13B 530M
Hexite: 164,575 units @ 15.5k ea TOTAL: 2B 550M
silicone diborite: 283,536 units @ 2.85k ea TOTAL: 800M
Vanadium Hafnite: 11,700 units @ 22.2k ea TOTAL: 259M
Cadmium: 378,542 units @ 12.7k ea TOTAL: 4B 807M
Chromium: 178,823 units @ 11.1k ea TOTAL: 1B 984M
Hafnium: 53,732 units @ 34.5k ea TOTAL: 1B 853M
Mercury: 3,000 units @ 8.7k ea TOTAL: 26M
Platinum: 347,595 units @ 14.8k ea TOTAL: 5B 144M
Vanadium: 1,226,223 units @ 8.9k ea TOTAL: 10B 913M

All prices have been calculated based on Jita 4-4 and Iv rounded down. I also rounded down when calculating the total for each group. Finally If someone buys ALL of it I will reduce the calculated total from 41B 866M down to a round 41B I recon thats a saving of over 1B or at the very least 866M

I will not seperate each item type, if you want to buy Plat you buy 347595 units.

All minerals will be located in High sec and will be contracted from a station to the buyer.

Dayly bump

just easy link

contract to me at 33b

34b bo

Thanks for the evepraisal

Up it goos

Gooing up


Current evepraisal shows prices going up

35b .

Make it 40b and you have a deal

I don’t think any trader would take such a risk of buying so near to current value for that much moon goo, the price is too volatile. In a couple of weeks your stack may be worth 20bil and we’d be sitting on a lemon of an investment.

Or it could be worth 60 bill… the nature of trading. Its up to you. Im happy to sit on it or sell it, but not for lowball offers.

Sell prices are going up a couple bill a day, infact its 6bill higher than when i first posted. The buy orders are increasing also 4ish bill since posting. My price is still the same, but if the trend continues to rise my price may also rise. Your call. My price will remain the same for the next day or so

Value is still going up


price is still going up, buy order value is now over 42bill, and sell orders at over 47bill. so might be a good investment now. 40B is my price and ill keep it there for now.

correct evepraisal without the 7m worth of trit O_o


sorry mate, the price is 40, and judging by how much its going up, and that it looks like it will continue to rise ill just keep waiting till someone offers me 40b

M8 don’t get me wrong but unless someone wants to move 300k m3 and list it to the market the profit is to low.
If I were you I would rather sell it for 35b or move it myself and sell it for buyorder.

Worst case someone dumps a shitload or moon goo onto the market and the value drops buy like 10b and I lose isk. + moving 300k from prob. Multiple stations is a pain in the ass aswell.

So my offer stands 35b
I would just haul it to Jita and sell it to buyorders for profit , but not for 5%


this is now off the market, ill move it myself and make the 8 or so bill difference myself