Sold by character (Erebus, dred, car, fax, mothership)


(Noahs Ark1) #22

at january 17 (11:00 am eve time)

(Noahs Ark1) #23

60B ISK ready, which character should i sent the ISK to?
i will stay online

(El Asasino) #24

very well, write me a letter by mail to which account I transfer the character, and I’ll give you a plumb to what character to transfer ISK, as soon as the funds arrive at the account, the transfer of the character will immediately begin.

sorry, Google translate.

(Noahs Ark1) #25

ok, one sec
velkoz king is my alt
account information sent

(El Asasino) #26

you can carry out the translation, I’m also ready to transfer the character.

(Noahs Ark1) #27

isk sent

(El Asasino) #28

EVE Character transfer

the procedure is running, the character will go to your account within 10 hours.

(Noahs Ark1) #29

thank you

(El Asasino) #30

fly safe :wink:

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