**SOLD** C4-2/3 Pulsar, Structures, POCOs and Towers

We are selling our Old Home system which is a Pulsar C4 with C2/3 Statics.

The hole currently has a T2 rigged Athanor (Asteroid Ore Grading Proc II) and a Raitaru
All 11 POCOs (Great PI)
Enough towers to moonlock the system (46)
9x Various Rolling BS
4x Rolling Onyx
1x Charon
11x Flycatchers
3x Sabres
1x Bifrost

Current asking price 18b ONO

EVEmail Raz868 ingame if interested.

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best PI i ever had

Bump :slight_smile:


I sent mail in-game to make a contact.

Have you athanors down at the moons?

This WH has now been sold.