SOLD C5-5 x3: Black Hole, Vanilla and Magnetar

SOLD: Selling the following wormholes:

c5-5 Black Hole. Comes with Astra, rollers, probers and (if desire) Golem and Vargur.
c5-5 Vanilla entrance. Empty hole with no citadels. Good planets for PI if that’s your thing. Couple of dead sticks but no citadels or online POS.
c5-5 Magnetar entrance. Empty hole with no citadels.

Start printing ISK today.

Bumping with new stock added.

Flawless trade, much appreciated.

All now sold. There is one c5-5 vanilla I’ll do a cut price entrance of 500m for as another seeder has onlined a POS in, but still no upwell structures so an easy hole to occupy if you are so minded.

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