SOLD Caldari 137,682,000 skill point character SOLD

Character Stilletto Darkblade
137,682,000 of which 466000 not used
in Jita.
Medium Crystal set
Has 2 clones
All round skills guns, missiles etc (I have no idea how to put the skillboard page on here)
No kill boards.
NPC org
Security status 4.04
year remap 1
bonus remaps 3

80 billion start point

make a skillboard, then copy the url back to here.

Thanks fir the advice. I have managed to do it.

80 Billion

ok, you can have it. Please ensure that you include your account details so that all goes smoothly.
I will follow the CCP and Bazaar rules

Will send ISK as soon as I get back from work, Just saw your post.

ISK and account info sent.

Thanks I have received the ISK and initiated the transfer

Got the toon, Thanks

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