Check out:

Give me a good offer will take good buyout.

All CCP rule apply

This is a good toon to do lots of missions in caldari, probing, PI skills very high, PVP skills

Wallet is 0 isk
NPC corp
in high sec Ikami (forge)
No kill rights
blank clone
no other clones
2 remaps
257,415 Unallocated skills
Security 5.0

Most caldari skills and some others ie Amarr BC 5, Gal BC 5,

Capital 5

Dread 4

Freighter 4

Marauders 5

BS 5

Black ops 4

(Tatyana Howell) #3

Deal accepted. Will send isk and account info in a few moments


SOLD! Deal accepted. will change post once isk is received and user name for transfer to account is received also.

(Tatyana Howell) #5

Isk and account sent.

EDIT: Confirmed transfer on its way. Thanks again


ISK received, and account name too, staring transfers for isk and charter


Transfer all done charter has now gone off my account list. This is now closed.