SOLD - Character

(Kalla Lelune) #1

SOLD Thanks

(Arapopoulos) #2

26B B/O.

(Kalla Lelune) #3

Accepted. Can start transfer in roughly 2 hours

(Arapopoulos) #4

Excellent. I will transfer the ISK and account info when i return from lunch ~ in roughly 1 hour.

Will post here when that is complete.

(Arapopoulos) #5

Isk and account information sent. @Kalla Lelune

(Kalla Lelune) #6

Recevied. Will be moving my assets then starting transfer within the hour.

(Arapopoulos) #7

Transfer recieved. Thank you.

Dear xxxxxx,

Another player is transferring the character Kalla Lelune to your account named xxxxxx.

(system) #8

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