Decent toon has alot of core skills plus some other goodies just needs some drone skills to be a pretty proper black ops toon she is also a few skills away from being a pretty perfect scanner!

All Bazaar Rules Apply I Pay for transfer etc etc

23B B/O

15 bil

16 bil

thanks for the offers but im pretty firm at 23 bump

18 bil if you changed your mind

Had a change of heart 21bil and its yours

20bil is lowest i go and shes yours

Sorry bro, I think your char is worth 20bil for the one who needs a jf char, but I need inject a lot of skills to achieve my goal,so I keep my bid 18 bil.

i need this character moved if you still want it its yours for 18

Isk and account name sent ,available slot confirmed.
Shall I know the transfer is done by cash or plex?

I just sent her over transfer done by cash

CCP mail recieved, I’ll make good use of this charactor, thanks!

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