SOLD - close

Pranda Xeon for sale

pos wallet
no kill rights
two Jump Clones (Main and one JC has implants)
char located in Hi-Sec
Auction, starts at 60b
B/O 80b

58bil buyout offer

60bil offer in game. Please post here to keep bidding transparent. Thanks.

fake bid… just like fake news…

Which is the reason I asked for bids to be posted here. Now go away troll

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Nice looking toon… 61 bil

Bumpity bump

63 bil

Noted. Buyout lowered to 65bil. If no other bids by this time tomorrow Slaughter wins with 63Bil.

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i am still here ! too impatient to wait !

Lol. I understand. I’ll agree to the 63bil bid. Transfer the isk and account info and I will transfer when I get off work. That will be this afternoon though.

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aright i will send u a mail in game to affirm this trade right now ,ps: we are not in the same time zone so maybe some “delay” occurred when i use forum chat with u , forgive me

check your wallet 63 bil remitted

Isk received. Will be off work in a few hours and will start transfer. Will send confirmation.

Character transfer initiated

done ! good co-operation

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