The character is sold

(Slaphead Dave) #1

Positive wallet
In highsec

Startbid: 10b
Buyout offer
pw: 54321


(I'am lucky) #2


(Gimli Gnome) #3

20bil b/o

(JonahVark) #4

Offer: 21 bil

(banansa) #5

25 bil ISKs B/O

(Slaphead Dave) #6

If i dont get any more bids banansa wins tomorrow when im home from work!

(banansa) #7

money and acc name was send

(Slaphead Dave) #8

rgr will transfer today, thank you

(banansa) #9

still waiting a transfer, please start it.

(banansa) #10

12 hours past and i didnt received anything. Looks like it was a scam

(banansa) #11

i will Waiting a few more hours and send a petition to CCP security team.

(Slaphead Dave) #12

Sorry was busy IRL, he is already sent and i also sent ingame mail to you. thank you and goodluck with your new character.

(system) #13

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