Sold - Closed

WTS Wyvern with Capital Extender Riggs T2
Located in Maila Keepstar



Not going to sell it under 15b Sorry :wink:

Still for Sale

Still for Sale Get ur Dank Shield Potato now!

Still For Sale Make Shield Supers Great Again!

Still For Sale TEST Buy This for ur Invasion!


Still For Sale

Price Lowerd 15b Buyout Now

Since the Fatal Keepstar Battle Today were many Wyverns died BUY WYVERNS NOW CHEAP!

Shield Super is the New Meta!!!

If nobody buys it I skill it myself…!

Reeeee That sexy Wyvern is still looking for a Owner

Still For Sale

Still For Sale

price to high for a Wyvern (shield super) Hels are much more popular…

I would offer 13b

They still Sell for 15b sometimes^^
I can wait another month don’t need the money now so higher your offer or search for a Hel :wink:

Best Shield Super in EVE Still For sale (Yes its better as a Hel don’t look at anyother fake Posts thats only Propaganda) Get ur Potato Wyvern Now!

Get Those Shield Supers Booooyyyssssss