WTS Wyvern Maila KS

(Titi Garish) #1

hi, i sell my wyvern with rigs and 50k fuel in maila Keepstar send me offer in game pliz

(Titi Garish) #2

still for sale

(Tiddle Jr) #3

What rigs?

(Titi Garish) #4

t2 shield extender

(Titi Garish) #5

still for sell :grinning:

(Titi Garish) #6

bump to the top :sunglasses:

(Geostrike) #7

is this Wyvern still for Sale?

(Titi Garish) #8

for sure he’s in contract

(Geostrike) #9

great price on the Wyvern, pleasure doing business with you!

(system) #10

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