[SOLD] Exoplanets Hunter staff

(Anthony Solus) #1

Exoplanets Hunter staff (more than 200 SKINs), includes many SKINs to capital ships and titans, except Pacifier, Enforcer and their SKINs(it will be sold later in my home system). Check it out in Jita system. Starting bid 400.000.000 ISK. Real value=buyout price=1.750.000.000 ISK.

(Anthony Solus) #2

1st bid was made.

(Anthony Solus) #3

440kk ISK now. 5 days left.

(Anthony Solus) #4


(Anthony Solus) #5

3 days remaining.

(Anthony Solus) #6

Sold. Buyout was made by Brimestone Darkwing.