[SOLD] Focused Jump Freighter Pilot (Ark) - 10.6m SP

(Spacetruck) #1

Up for sale is this nicely trained Ark pilot.

Eveboard link - Spacetruck


  • Jump Drive Calibration 5

  • Jump Fuel Conservation 4

  • Jump Freighter 4

  • Amarr Freighter 5 (Max Cargo)


  • Pilot is located in Amarr
  • Is in NPC corp
  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Alpha - Gamma
  • Positive wallet
  • No killrights
  • 0.00 Security status
  • I will pay transfer fee

Starting Bid: 6b :grinning:
Buyout: 9b

(Assistant Christina) #3

thanks for your lovely recommendation.
ok ark is also good

(Spacetruck) #5

Thanks guys we’re getting real close. If you can stretch to 8.5 I’m ready to go

(Spacetruck) #7

I agree to your terms - will await receipt of isk :smiley:

(Spacetruck) #10

Confirm isk rec’d and transfer initiated - thanks