SOLD - Focused Max Booster Command Ship Ganglink - All Races - 20Mil SP

For Sale

Max Booster - Any of the Races.

18 Bill ISK

Slots 1 to 5 standard-level augmentations.

Located in hi-sec station, Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Fed Navy Ass Plant
Positive wallet,
Neutral secstatus,
Seller pays transfer,
All CCP rules apply,
No kill rights

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-BUmP- 18 Bil ISK



wtb 16kkk

16 Bil accepted.

Send details and ISK and I will start the process with CCP Maybe slight delay as need to submit a fault ticket to get them to auth the use of PLEX.

isk and account info send

Account info and ISK received.

Ticket sent to CCP to authorise use of PLEX. Awaiting their response.