-SOLD- WTS 32mil SP Tengu/Booster

-Positive Sec Status
-Positive Wallet
-Located in Jita 4-4
-No Jump Clones
-No Kill Rights
-NPC Corp

Tengu all subs V with T2 Heavy Missiles.
Almost all boosting skills V

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Kaley_Serine Pass 1234

Start: 20b

24b offer

25b offer

26b offer

Will let this go another 24h if 26b is still the highest then I will accept.

26.5 valid for 5 hours when I am logging off



27b accepted. send ISK and acccount info via evemail

Bump. never heard from highest bidder. character still for sale!

26b offer still stands

26b accepted. Awaiting ISK and account name.

isk and account name sent
awaiting confirmation

ISK and account name received. Ticket for transfer sent.

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