SOLD 'Jackdaw Sharpshooter Mode' item - Extremely rare collectors item

Sold for 6b

I’ll start you off with 750m

Sweet! I’ll take that as a first bid. I’ll let the auction run until the end of this week instead (23 juli) as the amount of buzz my reddit post generated should funnel most interested people into this auction quickly anyways.

Bidding 2b

2B bid will be accepted in 5 hours from now if it doesn’t get substantially topped.

Offer stands at 3b and will end in 3 hours from now.

Up to 4b

Overbid in Reddit Messages - Stands at 5b and will end in 1.5 hours.

Bidding 6b

Bid had ended, sorry. Was sold to another contender for 6b as well.

Happy to outbid to 10b if he’s not accepted yet

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