WTS Rare Collection item

WTS Rare collection item, only 2 such items in EVE
Item name: Jackdaw Propulsion Mode

Best offer WIN

offer 100m

thanks for bump

Only 2 in EvE eh? Where did you hear that piece of bullshite from? lol

@ Shuckstar
because I know that a famous collector has 1 item. No one else has the same item. Thanks for bump

If you say so then it must be true. :wink: :wink:

Yeah now your just scamming, didn’t think scamming was allowed on official forums? Mods where you at as this is a blatant scam considering I have one of these items also :rofl:

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Show me in game mail

so? i waiting

These are more common than that

They’re almost as common as the new tournament ships.

Offering 250M

I don’t need to prove f uck all m8, I’m not the one claiming they are down to 2 in the game, can you prove that?

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When does the auction end? I offer 350M for one of these, either to the OP or anyone that has one.

why say you have it?

Gaming513 Tyler
Sorry no
have a fun day

Sorry I wont give it away so cheap
in this topic people have a lot of the this item maybe they will sell
have a fun day

I also have items tha no one else has as well lol
My Mines

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Hugs n Kiss’s
its cool