Sold - Komodo and Molok BPCs

WTS Komodo BPC in highsec (jita 4-4)
Proof of ownership:

Komodo Starting Bid: 325b
Komodo Buyout: 350b

Do not message me with plex or other trades. Isk only

Pittsburgh2989#5426 or ingame Pittsburgh2989
Alternate contact: Minton Benidal

Molok Sold
Molok Starting Bid: 435b
Molok Buyout: 475b


Too low, 350b minimum bid.

Molok - 435b and/or Komodo 350b

Will give an additional 12h for anyone to out-bid (DT today), then both are yours Tyrannotitan. 785b total

Edit. Well Then I take his place of the Retracted 435b Offer :ok_hand:

I must retract my initial offer. apologies

Accepted at 435b then so I can contract before I’m off for the night. Still WTS 1x Komodo bpc.

Accepted ty






Still a komodo bpc for sale.


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