WTS Molok BPC - Perimeter

WTS Molok BPC in highsec (Tranquility Trade Tower)
Proof of ownership:

Molok Starting Bid: 325b
Molok Buyout: 350b

Do not message me with plex or other trades. Isk only

Pittsburgh2989#5426 or ingame Pittsburgh2989
Alternate contact: Minton Benidal

How much u’ve asked for Lazer?

Last two sold for 5.19b, make an offer and we can sort you out @Tiddle_Jr

Already got an offer, sorry @Zahara_Cody

-edit- to much whiskey, thought that said 5.19b for the bpc.

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PM me a character to contract to.

Hehe sab u nailed it )


any interest in a komodo BPC for trade?

Offering(based in 400bil molok) 245 for the bpc

Nah, those are far less rare. Sorry

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Sold. Close thread please.