[SOLD] Molok

WTS Molok, please eve-mail “Opus’s Slave” or myself.

500b B/O. May be interested in trading for AT ships(s).

Sale will be done via contract.

I am not responding to low-ball offers.


Where is it ?


of course , i dont even bother making an offer in snuffs staging

I start with 300b

Thanks for the offer, however the highest offer via eve-mail is currently 400b.

PM sent



still up for sale?

Yeah, I’m currently deployed out of the country for a bit. But it’s still for sale.

305b offered

The highest confirmed offer I have via mail is 410b. So you’ll need to do a bit better, sorry.



Highest offer is currently 455b. Bump!

Are you still keen on that 400b? :joy:

rip :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This still running?