WTS Molok

Selling my rigged Molok hull (3x t2 trimark) in Aunenen keepstar. Mail me with offers.

Mail sent

750b B/O

Edit - B/O withdrawn. The price is way too high, best of luck in selling in. But anything above 450 and I’m out.

Interesting…you just mailed me in game a few days ago saying you had a BPC, not a hull. Do you have both?

Bump, still for sale.

Still for sale.

Still for sale :bananaparrot:

I’m not sure why you’re not responding to my mails in game, but i offered 600 bill.

Check your mail :wink:

bump again :bananaparrot:

Yeah i’m going to have to side with Arestes on this one, 600 bill is just way too much. I’m revising my offer to 500 billion.

100b cash in hand bro price

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bump again

:bananaparrot: Still for sale :bananaparrot:

I’m going to start investing my isk again if i don’t get an answer or show of interest pretty soon. Once i withdraw, the market’s valuation will drop to the next highest bidder’s offer, which is Arestes at 450B. No other serious buyer is likely to bid higher.

Restating my 500 bill offer.

bump again

I am very upset you did not take my offer seriously. I have talked with other molok buyers and we are setting the buying price at 300b

301 bil

1488 million isk