WTS Molok + Elite Purps

EnHull Located in Aunenen KS

Price is 450bil for the hull only non negotiable

Purps can be discussed but would prefer to sell as a whole

Full Dracilras Passive low slots 2EANMS Therm Exp Em Kin

Cormacks DMG control

Mixture of the Active Top Tier Officer mods Therm Exp Kin

2 x Cormacks Tracking Comps

2 x Cormacks Sensor Boosters

Dracilras Smart Bomb

Already? :joy:

That’s what she said.

When you dodge death in a 4000 man fight that your out numbered and being targeted by every Titan on the field. Yes

Sounds like you are asking for at least 100b to much.

Ehh probably not 100b too much last few BPCs have sold for 350b and up.

Last ship itself went for 330b (not the bpc but the hull).

Can you prove it ?

They’ll only become more common… My proof: Revenant

Who are you and can you send me a screen shot of the time your purchased a molok ? Thanks for your input the price is the price it will either sell or I will keep it docked beside CormackTheGreat
It’s a win win for me

450b is a very reasonable open market value

Free bump

Can confirm, solid price considering current BPC market, build cost and the fact that its actually built…

If that would be win-win for you- you wouldnt try to sell it… 300b

No poors please

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lol indeed

you arent going to get rich by buying overpriced crap from someone who claims its worth to have it forever docked lol

Kinda the same concept with most AT ships. Except at the moment there’s only a finite supply.

Feel free to provide some kill mails you’ve had in a faction Titan ?


I hear these here moloks need a nice web.


Sure I can swap you another gotans web +5 bil and you can roll that one