Sold OUT’bal
Password : 12345

PVP Highlights :

11M SP in Gunnery
14M SP in Missile
34M SP in Spaceship Command
+90% of those skills are maxed (lvl 5)

Misc Highlights :

Located in Jita with implants
Negative Security Status
Positive wallet
No kill rights
2 Skill Remaps available
good looking


60b b/o

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ok. send isk to Uisen Agent47

Well that’s my character so I advise you don’t send him isk. Because he hasn’t posted on the character for sale to prove it. Lol


As above I am Office Depot, And this fool just tried to scam someone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was short. I’m really sorry. I will not do this again. It is my fault that I looked only at the front. I will delete the contents.

ok again, exact name of char to be sold and link eveskill, then I send the isk to him ready and waiting

I have one such account. I will apologize at a very low price in the sense. 8bil in assets. only 60bil. im very sorry.

how do you think?

ill pass if its to good its not right

I’m going to close this thread. If you want to try again, ensure that you are following the rules of the Character Bazaar and post from the character that is for sale.