SOLD ! pilot with 122 mil SP and 4 mil SP unallocated SP

KEY ID: 280840
Verification Code: hT4i4btal6Uspy2oZpE4BphYHptKKF9vKo5HWqQesH0sYVYIfW35mxTedradrnKK

starting bid FIX 110 bil .

a deal was made but you decided not to sell at the end… the market has changed i don’t think you’ll be able to get 110 billion for it anymore.

with that said, i will bid 105 billion

what do you mean the market is changed ? lol the market is changing permantly … so … we will see … but anyway ty for the bid


107 bil



SOLD. The winner is Gattanera. Please send the isk and tell me in which account do i transfer the toon.


Hey, was asleep. I will be home in a few hours, will make the transfer

ok man. np.

cmon man make the transfer. If you dont i will reopen the bid.