SOLD - Please archive

Selling myself :joy: Eve Skill Board - password is worlds “if any set”

:arrow_forward: Excellent all-around Character - Not a Sub-Cap Focused Pilot AT ALL.
:arrow_forward: Positive Wallet
:arrow_forward: No Kill Rights
:arrow_forward: 2 Remaps Available
:arrow_forward: No Jump Clones in 0.0, Low Sec. Jump Clones are available in Hi-Sec (Arnon, Ealor, Jita, Misha, Uchoshi, Vaajaita (some have expensive implants).
:arrow_forward: Character located in Hi-Sec - Jita
:arrow_forward: Good Security Standings - Can fly hi-sec just fine.
:arrow_forward: Accepting offers above 120B
:arrow_forward: Buyout 140B - Buyout Reduced
:arrow_forward: Will Pay Transfer Fee
:arrow_forward:Ends 07/04/2018 (extended)

120 bil

Bid: 130B

daily bump

Bump - Price Reduced. Vedmak related skills at Five and associated weapons at 5. : )

Buyout Reduced - Time Extended until 06/19 Final Date. So far Jem Seeker will get account on 06/19 if no more offers provided. Thanks.

Sent message in-game. Pls rlpy

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Daily Bump

Daily Bump

In-game offer of 125B received - Jem Seeker still highest bid. at 130B.

Character now has:

  • Precursor Cruiser Level V
  • Precursor Frigate Level V
  • Precursor Battleship IV
  • Medium Precursor Weapon V
  • Medium Disintegrator V
  • Medium Disintegrator Specialization V

Daily Bump.

Due to logistical delays I kindly requesting an extension to the end of the month
As compensation I will be increasing my bid to 132.5b
apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding

Request is fine. I will extend the listing until 06-30. Thanks. Daily Bump.

Have not heard from Jem Seeker. This is still available and accepting offers. Thanks. Daily Bump

daily bump

116 bil. isk ready and can send now if accepted…

Bid / buyout accepted. Please send isk and account information for transfer.

isk and account info sent

isk received, starting transfer.

character transferred.