SOLD - Please archive

(w0rlds) #1

Selling myself :joy: Eve Skill Board - password is worlds “if any set”

:arrow_forward: Excellent all-around Character - Not a Sub-Cap Focused Pilot AT ALL.
:arrow_forward: Positive Wallet
:arrow_forward: No Kill Rights
:arrow_forward: 2 Remaps Available
:arrow_forward: No Jump Clones in 0.0, Low Sec. Jump Clones are available in Hi-Sec (Arnon, Ealor, Jita, Misha, Uchoshi, Vaajaita (some have expensive implants).
:arrow_forward: Character located in Hi-Sec - Jita
:arrow_forward: Good Security Standings - Can fly hi-sec just fine.
:arrow_forward: Accepting offers above 120B
:arrow_forward: Buyout 140B - Buyout Reduced
:arrow_forward: Will Pay Transfer Fee
:arrow_forward:Ends 07/04/2018 (extended)

(Gattanera) #2

120 bil

(Jem Seeker) #3

Bid: 130B

(w0rlds) #4

daily bump

(w0rlds) #5

Bump - Price Reduced. Vedmak related skills at Five and associated weapons at 5. : )

(w0rlds) #6

Buyout Reduced - Time Extended until 06/19 Final Date. So far Jem Seeker will get account on 06/19 if no more offers provided. Thanks.

(Jem Seeker) #7

Sent message in-game. Pls rlpy

(w0rlds) #8

Daily Bump

(w0rlds) #9

Daily Bump

(w0rlds) #10

Daily Bump

(w0rlds) #11

In-game offer of 125B received - Jem Seeker still highest bid. at 130B.

Character now has:

  • Precursor Cruiser Level V
  • Precursor Frigate Level V
  • Precursor Battleship IV
  • Medium Precursor Weapon V
  • Medium Disintegrator V
  • Medium Disintegrator Specialization V

Daily Bump.

(Jem Seeker) #12

Due to logistical delays I kindly requesting an extension to the end of the month
As compensation I will be increasing my bid to 132.5b
apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding

(w0rlds) #13

Request is fine. I will extend the listing until 06-30. Thanks. Daily Bump.

(w0rlds) #14

Have not heard from Jem Seeker. This is still available and accepting offers. Thanks. Daily Bump

(w0rlds) #15

daily bump

(TxivYawg1) #16

116 bil. isk ready and can send now if accepted…

(w0rlds) #17

Bid / buyout accepted. Please send isk and account information for transfer.

(TxivYawg1) #18

isk and account info sent

(w0rlds) #19

isk received, starting transfer.

(w0rlds) #20

character transferred.