Sold, please close

HG Slave Set - Jita 2.2bil
Learning Set +3’s in Caldari High sec 200mil
Glittering Dream Skin - 1.7bil in Jita
Good Name
47mil sp.
Close to perfect Killboard - 100% efficiency
17 Days from Injecting Gallente Titan book.
Some Extraditable SP left over from old Drone skills.

Heavy Fighters 5
Light Fighters 5
Fighter Hanger Management 5
Capital ships 5
All Armour support skills 5
Armour Rigging 5
Currently training Gang link skills.

Buyout 45b if sold today.



No password for checking links ,Is 50B a buy-out price?

Should be fixed now, 50bil buyout.

43B ok

Sorry, thats a bit low.


From Ghoulies and Ghoosties, long-leggety Beasties, and Things that go BUMP in the Night!

Advert Updated - Auction added

45B OK?

I will let the auction run for a few days, if no more bids then hes yours. Also, daily Bump.

Friendly bump

Auction will run for a further 24 hours.

Last hour!

Offer Accepted, please send isk and account info

Still waiting on isk transfer

i will match your accepted offer from 3 days ago if you dont want to wait any longer

Char back for sale as no response from bidder.

@Shifty_Trader, i am interested, are you active now?

@Shifty_Trader, if you wana do this, send isk and account info and i will start the transfer when i wake up.