SOLD Please Close

(minecraftisfornoobs nick) #1

Has Tech 2 Core Defense Field Extender rigs Some fuel, cap rechargers, and Dread Guristas Cloaking Device. (Starting price is 16 bill) (Buyout 18.5b) willing to consider lower offers. Located keep star in Aunenen(Free Port).

(minecraftisfornoobs nick) #2

Auction is still open.

(minecraftisfornoobs nick) #3

Auction is still open.

(Itchy pants) #4

14 billion isk

(minecraftisfornoobs nick) #5

Appreciate the offer but respectfully decline.

(Itchy pants) #6

No probs bud, if you change your mind it’s a open offer. GL with your sale.

(system) #7

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