SOLD Please delete

SOLD please delete

Bump. Stuff available.

Bump. Make offers.

Bump. Still available.

daily bump, stuff available

Daily bump. Buy my stuff.

Bump. Stuff available. Prices adjusted.

Bump. Buy my stuff.

Hello :slight_smile:

40 B for damage control and 10 B for smartbomb :slight_smile:
For mine personal rig.

Both prices are below Jita buy. Pass.

Yes I know, but Jita is a sā€¦

k well if you want to up your bids let me know.

Give me a nice discount, something what I cant rejected and I will take it :slight_smile:

45 Bills for the DMA

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48b and you have a deal

48B to create contract and I will accept when I wake up tomorrow

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Contract is up for the damage control.

Bump. Damage control still for sale, buyer never accepted the contract. Prices lowered.

will offer 45b for DC

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Contracts up