SOLD - Please delete

Looking to sell this.

Hull with 3 x t2 Trimarks, travel fit and moving fuel = 66b
Above plus normal deadspace fit and backup fits (eve appraisal available) for 83b

Up to the top :slight_smile:

Uppity Bump

Im confused. Youre selling it for 85 B? Or are you selling the stripped-down version for 66B.

Depends what the buyer wants. 66b gets you rigs, fuel and moving fit. 85b for the Deadspace/faction fit (and spare fits) which I admittedly have not yet shown anyone :slight_smile:

Links to fit and suitecase as follows. Seems I was a little out on by calculation so the price including the fit is now reduced to 83b

Can you convo me ingame, online now

Yep - just logged on.

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