SOLD pls close

starting bit: 75b
Buyout : 85b
Security status : pozitif
No killrights
Positive wallet


75 B/O

sorry B/O 85b its a fair price this kinda car.

friendly bump 07

76Bil ready

77 Bil

Still accepting offers…

Daily bump

78 Bil

How will you transfer with paper or plex?

with the paper i guess… . still accepting offers

OK perfect

80 B/O

B/O still 85b

Daily bump

Daily bump

This is last daily bump this carecter will be selling who gives highest price until this evening thankyou…


1 Like ı am in game sen me msj and tel me the which account and mail transfer wil start immediately after payment complate.

caracter transfer was launched you can wait 10 hour due to eve rules this thred can be closed now thank you.

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