Withdrawn, please delete

81M SPs
Located in High Sec
NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
5.0 sec status
No kill rights

Perfect Erebus Pilot
Improved Implant set
Federal Police Force Skin


75B Buyout > 70B>68B>67B>65B>60B>59B>58B>57B

EveSkillboard Pasword?

75b should be your buyout not your starting bid. You aren’t maxed and you don’t have the implant set. You’d be lucky to get 70b

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65B :smiley:

Nice offer, few bills more and its yours

Buyout lowered and set to 70B

All CCP condition apply, I will pay for transfer

still 4 sale


Daily bump

Daily bump

Will consider near offers, don’t be shy

B/O lowered

Buyout lowered to 67B, daily bump

Buyout 65B, trades welcome, daily bump

up to the top

Daily bump

bump to top

Another bump

Buyout 60B today

Daily bump