Almost completed Komodo Pilot that flies a Levi perfectly. Also has Erebus to lvl 4 as well as Phoenix injected.


:dollar: 87M SP (3.2M unallocated)
:dollar: Full set of +5s
:dollar: Erebus Police Skin

:white_check_mark: NPC corp
:white_check_mark: No kill rights
:white_check_mark: Positive sec status
:white_check_mark: Positive wallet balance
:white_check_mark: Docked in HS

65B minimum open to bids/offers/trades
75B buyout

60 bil here

62 bil b/o

63 bil

64 bil

64.5 bil

65 bil

65.5 bil


68 bil


Edited minimum bid and buyout numbers. @Kalytha_goodgood bid accepted as highest at 68b. Will close auction at downtime in 50ish hours on the 25th.

69 bil BO

Daily BUmp

61 billion for when all the other bids evaporate, like tears in the rain.

70 bil

20b in skillbooks and implants plus close to 90m sp I dont think 61 will do it thanks though

last bump before sale closes at 11am UTC/EVE 8 hours from now

Am I good to send the isk and account name later today then?

just got home please do send isk and account info thank you