WTS Komodo/Leviathan pilot - 64m SP

WTS Komodo Please NoticeMe

Pass: 12345

Fully skilled Komodo and Leviathan pilot with no wasted SP. Would be very easy to cross train into a super since he has fighter skills.

Both caldari and gallente titan skills at V, all relevant missile skills at V, shield skills at V, etc. Also has Fighters V, Fighter hangar management V.

Has a full HG nirvana set

Character has a positive wallet balance.
Character is in an NPC corporation
Character has a positive security status
Character has no killrights
Character will be located in highsec at the time of transfer (currently in lowsec)

Starting bid: 55b

Place bids here or message me on discord at: absolutetruth#0001
I will not respond to bids made via in game mail.

Confirming I am for sale.

Ill pop this off with 55b

I’m out of 56B

I offer 58b

Bump. Ill leave this open for another few days.

Bump. Character still available.

58 b ready. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make a deal soon

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If you can up it to 60b ill close the auction right now. let me know.

OK, 60B ready.

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Send isk and account info to the character being sold.

ISK & account details sent.

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Isk and account information received. Character transfer initiated.

Character transfer is complete, it is no longer on my account. Enjoy.

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