WTS 268m sp awesome pilot

Fresh from buying (yesterday) but i am forced to sell it. I simply placed the skills he had (about 13 millions and more) to full all electronic systems to 5, rigging to 5, some socials to 5 and caldari strategic cruiser to 5. Now he is training for the remain strategic cruiser to 5 and the next bonus remap available will be at 2023.11.25 06:25:25.
Now he has +5 implants and focused on perception and willpower.

Ross Omaristos Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
All around character as you see, ready for different types of activities.
Character located in Jita in npc corp
No kill rights and jump clones.
Wallet positive.

Yesterday i bought him for 250b.
I put the same b/o of 250b but i can accept good offers next b/o payout.
Ready to transfer today, thanks.

You can extract it to 60mSP with keeping predator /guney/missile SP. I can buy char less than 60 m SP with 1m : 1b. XD

BO agreed for 242billion

Send isk and account detail and i begin the transfer

Isk and account details sent

Isks and account details received, begin the transfer

Transfer just started
It will be completed after 7/29/2023 4:05:47 AM
Thank you

If you are willing to sell this character to me, I can provide a better offer

Sorry my friend this toon only has 5 million SP now

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