Wts 75m sp Erebus pilot

Skills: WarriorPrincess

Capital Ships V
Gallente Titan IV

Character currently sitting in Jita, moved to npc corp and ready for transfer
Wallet +
No kill rights
No jump clones
No implants
Sec.status 0.4

Lowball offers will be ignored. Offers no less than 60bil. BO: 75 bil


60 bil bid opening the auction. Let’s see if anyone wants to overbid it.

bump! looking for more bids.

to the top!

up up up!

new bo: 70 bil

65B offer

@gimli47112 I will finish this auction accepting your 65b bil bid. Feel free to send isk and transfer credentials. TY

@WarriorPrincess ISK and eve mail send

@gimli47112 Transfer initiated, ty.

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