SOLD *RARE* *Collectors* WTS Ragnarok with Legacy Large Core Def Field Extender Rigs

WTS Ragnarok with Rare Legacy Large Core Defense Field Extenders, serious collectors only.

Purchase this piece of Eve History

Built back in a time before citadels, and when doomsdays would wipe out an entire fleet with the push of a button, this Ragnarok is built from the long-since-removed Plush and Glossy Alloys which were once extracted from the drone regions. The alloys were then ninja’ed, jump freighter by jump freighter, through the regional stargate leading into Venal, and on into Deklein where the manufacturing took place.

This Titan has participated in both active and passive roles in many of the major battles Eve’s timeline.

Own this rare piece of Eve History!


Where is it?

In low-sec. It can be moved to a suitable location once a buyer is found. Location will then be disclosed at time of contract




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