SOLD! Selling mutated entropic radiation sink (better than officer!)


in jita
looking at 4.5b

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or send me an offer in-game.

hey its still up

still up? yes it is

happy new year!

rip to all the titans lost on the nullsec war,
also this is still up

rip to the PAPI titans that were slaughtered on the nullsec war
maybe some entropic rad sink to increase your leshak dps to make your krabbing faster

to the top!

ooh enthusiast badge lol

nullsec war almost over? hmmm

4.2b if accepted

4.5 then we are good

no word from that guy, still up i guess

Sticking too my bid.

still up

heyyyy how’s everyone’s weekend?

I heard 1 nyx managed to escape goon’s hellcamp in m2-, can we call them Papi now?

still up!

hope you all are having a great weekend!

still for sale!
and i think i will be for quite some time lol