Location: Jita.

The highest bidder takes the item. Boost your Leshak with additional 100 DPS+ :slight_smile:


A few weeks ago one sold on the Jita market, but to start you off 2.5b offer.

This one is Supratidal (large), and not Zorya Heavy (medium).

This one is tad bigger than the module you’re thinking of.

I’m not thinking about the heavy one, but the one you list in this topic the Supratidal.

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Still looking for offers.

Still looking for offers.

offer 7b.
isk ready

Bid noted. Thank you.

You created a contract and retracted before I could accept.
Will be offline until DT tomorrow. Guess I’ll retract my offer then

As I’ve noted in the e-mail. If you want it - create a contract with your offer above and with the item I’m trying to sell.

Item is still available. Still looking for offers. Enjoy your day.

7.5b, contract to Isk Sink

Contract accepted. Item sold.

Thank you.

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