SOLD Selling Three Nice Pilots 5m points, miner, refiner and ganker

Hi, i am interested in consolidate my pilots in one new, then i am selling three pilots, all in the same account.

Refiner, cyber V, implants 604 and +5 4.5

Ganker 4b

Myself 4b

I can send the Pilot EMSAR the saturday night/sunday, because i need to finish some blueprints before.

I need pay 20 euros per transfer, then 4b is my low, aaron is 4.5 because can use an extractor very soon (can wait some hours, extract and sell at 4b if u want).

All are in High sec
positive wallet
no kill rights.

I am for sale

I am for sale

4.5b for Aaron Mannar. Isk ready

Send the Isk and account and i deliver .

isk and acc info sent to Aaron Mannar

Aaron was delivered. As i say the pilots are in the same account, then i cant dekliver in less than 10 hours the next.

Go to see GF in an half hour, checking the thread yjis 30 min, and later check tomorrow.

Rude Guardian
4b agreed

Rude guardian sold, send the ISk and i deliver as soon i can.

Roger that. Will pay in few minutes.

All sent

Isk and acc received of rude Guardian. Is in chaven, by the way.

Emsar Mannar is for sale, i stay here ten minutes and not see the thread until tomorrow.

Sporry for the delay, I transfer Rude Guardian one moment Ago.

Emsar Mannar is available for sell, can deliver in 10 hours, now in my house.

I will take you by 4 bil right now
isk and mail has been sent

Isk received, i send in some minutes.

I need wait two hours aprox for transfer, for rude guardian. I am in rens, do u prefer i go to other system in this time ? ready for transfer

I actually prefer Jita, I’m not in a hurry so take ur time.

Ok, i begin to go there, transfer as soon i can.

Delivered from Jita one minute ago. Thanks for the business.

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