SOLD - Spike S BPO

(Firick Allicarte) #1

As said on subject, selling a Spike S bpo
Research 10/20

Price : 15b

(Anon Dacella) #3

I’ll give you 14 bil

(Firick Allicarte) #8

No sign of life from bidder, back on top for sell

(Zahara Cody) #9

I’ll offer 10 or free bump.

(Firick Allicarte) #10

13b ingame offer

(Firick Allicarte) #11

bumping it

(Firick Allicarte) #13

this had to get new owner

(Dart Lady) #14

13.5bil ingame offer retracted
good luck

(Firick Allicarte) #15

it’s sold

(system) #16

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