(SOLD) - Starter mining/sp farm char - 5.6m SP

(Retribution Passieren) #1

Selling myself (Retribution Passieren)
Located In - Perimeter

EVEBOARD: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Retribution_Passieren
PW: 1234

5.2m SP (sp has been extracted)
Exhumers/Hulk Ready
T1 Strip Miners
T2 Strip Miners (5day train)
Cybernetics V

Current clone - No implants
x1 Jump Clone +4 implants +highwall mx-1005 (deklin)

Has x2 remaps

KB: https://zkillboard.com/character/92217752/

positive wallet
positive concord standings
no killrights

Staring Bid - 6B

(Pedantic) #2

4.2b b/o offer only valid for 8 hours

(Retribution Passieren) #3


(NightFox Avedon) #4

5B b/o offer

(Retribution Passieren) #5


(Retribution Passieren) #6


(Retribution Passieren) #7


(Retribution Passieren) #8


(Retribution Passieren) #9


(Austin Utama) #10

Will offer 5B if you are still selling

(Retribution Passieren) #11

Meet me at 5.5 and i’ll start the transfer right away.

(Austin Utama) #12

Okay deal

(Retribution Passieren) #13

Ok, i’ll start transfer once char has received the isk, he’s currently logged in

(Retribution Passieren) #14

isk received

(Austin Utama) #15

Sent you the details to my account and the isk to that character

(Retribution Passieren) #16

Character is in transition, hope you enjoy.

(system) #17

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