(SOLD) - Starter mining/sp farm char - 5.6m SP

Selling myself (Retribution Passieren)
Located In - Perimeter

EVEBOARD: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Retribution_Passieren
PW: 1234

5.2m SP (sp has been extracted)
Exhumers/Hulk Ready
T1 Strip Miners
T2 Strip Miners (5day train)
Cybernetics V

Current clone - No implants
x1 Jump Clone +4 implants +highwall mx-1005 (deklin)

Has x2 remaps

KB: https://zkillboard.com/character/92217752/

positive wallet
positive concord standings
no killrights

Staring Bid - 6B

4.2b b/o offer only valid for 8 hours


5B b/o offer






Will offer 5B if you are still selling

Meet me at 5.5 and i’ll start the transfer right away.

Okay deal

Ok, i’ll start transfer once char has received the isk, he’s currently logged in

isk received

Sent you the details to my account and the isk to that character

Character is in transition, hope you enjoy.

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