- -SOLD- - Trader/Minner/DST Pilot - 18.5m sp

Looking to sell my Trader/Minner/DST Pilot which i have had for just uder 10 years.

I am a member of the NPC corporation
location hight sec
no kill rights
positive wallet
positive Sec
neural remap available.
2 bonus remaps available.

(Didnt want to add this edit but guess i will have to)

Starting bid 15B

B/O 17B

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Bump! o7

Offer 3bil

Good Morning Bump o7

Weekend bump! SP Getting higher o7

15bil bid offer

17B And he is yours

Sure, let me know if you accept

Isk and Info sent

Received the ISK

The transfer has been started. Shoud be on your account in 10 hours.

Please can you confirm on here once you’ve received him

Thank you.

[removed picture - @ISD_Drew] to protect account information.

Received thank you

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