(Luna Pollard) #1

Large rigs fitted. (it’s very old Aeon)
50k fuel
Travel Fit
3x Trimarks Fitted

Loc: Uemon VIII - Moon 10 - Zainou Biotech Production (NPC Station)
Prize: 17.5b B/O
contact: forums only for now (might not see eve-mail working hard next 2 weeks)

(Luna Pollard) #2

Daily bumb

(Luna Pollard) #3

Daily bump

(Tiddle Jr) #4

About 1b overpriced

(Luna Pollard) #5

That will be a price for npc station. So ppl will not think that can i dock there. Anyway i can lower 500mil i guess.

(Tiddle Jr) #6

Did you check current contracts? Not the good time to sell Aeon atm.

(macorov frensic) #8

17b bid

(Luna Pollard) #9

Macorov, I think there is more than 50k fuel check contract ty

(system) #10

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